United Arab Emirates | Dubai


mistakes or unknowledgement of contractors        Walking the city you can see a lot of construction mistakes. Are residents and tourists happy with this?

        We don’t think so. In the list of major mistakes are - non-professional paving installment (concrete subbase for all areas such as plazas and walkways), which lead to issues once it touch underground utilities; wrong cutouts of pavers (cut piece can’t be less than ¼ of concrete paver); not accurate job process and as follow result; paved areas mostly reach trunk of the trees, which is a biggest mistake, as result tree will stop grow or die (min. distance around trunk for breathing roots is 1.5x1.5m with groundcover/gravel/grill around to protect soil from fast drying); quality of street furniture (for example benches) not matching the basic requirements of durability; pedestrian crossing often leads directly to palm/flower bed or to nowhere…

        We met an issue which is called ‘to save money on materials’… When provided budget reached contractors, they try to get cheap materials or elements which are kind similar to specified but have bad quality and low durability – at the final stage you get negative reflection on the whole design approach, which is different from clients’ and developers’ wishes.