United Arab Emirates | Dubai


escape to nature golf course        Probably, every resident of Dubai, whether it's an office worker or performing duties outside the office, wants as soon as possible to get into a green oasis or in any other way to get closer to nature.

        To do this, Dubai offers a lot of interesting, active and truly green viable holiday destinations. Paying attention to a pretty popular destination - golf clubs and beautiful views from any point - playing fields, training field, the kinds of cafes and restaurants, and is an integral part - the views from the windows of high-rise buildings or the bird's eye. Being in a restaurant you always enjoy the singing of birds, greenery around, the sunset, the calm quiet atmosphere. This is the place where you can regain strength and clarity of thoughts. It is really an escape to nature.

        There are a lot of golf clubs in Dubai - all of them are different from the size to the design.

        Properly designed golf course initially carry a positive energy, since compliance with the design rules in this case, should display the maximum natural lines of the landscape, and of course, comply with the requirements of the game standard - distance between the focal points, the complexity of the hills, the correct proportion of the ratio of greens and sand, angle inclination of slopes, registration fields perimeter, visual navigation for the participants of the game and much more. All of these components together form a very attractive target for both the athletes and for the inhabitants and tourists.

        In addition I would like to point out some specific, unique moments that can be used in the UAE. Occurred to the breakfast and lunch in the nature, surrounded by wildlife - not just on grass, not just with a view, but surrounded by animals! After all, this is the primordial energy, which is so necessary for everyone!
And if you were surrounded by gazelles, rabbits, birds, would you get a portion of positive vibes?