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how transform boring landscape dynamic     Today we'll highlight what is important in landscape design, HOW TO ENHANCE surrounding and KEEP existing BEAUTIFUL features and NATURE. You will get these tips from our landscape architects and hope it will be useful for you.

     So, we have EIGHT STEPS to be followed up, they are: 

park DXB Dubai Arabian ranches     1 STEP. Overall look. This is a general impression of the landscaped area. Keep your design idea in everything, try to safe local nature and traditional motives. Give vital touch using local plants and natural materials, enhance existing environment through implementation of necessaries and safety for both humans and nature; design must satisfy area requirements. 

     2 STEP. Dynamic guides. Everything should be logical. Correctly set the trajectory and dynamic of movement in the park, at the same time to create a spectacular viewing points and harmoniously selected plants. Correctly, and with a maximum filling, organize empty land, avoiding “islands” of sand, it increases air dustiness. It is necessary to cover it by gravel or seasonal groundcovers. Also it is important to keep balance between softscape and hardscape. 

     3 STEP. Background. An example of how the surface of the same wall is changing the perception of a person depending on the finishing. You ca do it based on contrast or nuance, you can play with material textures, pattern and color palette. Take care of existing mature trees - healthy trees must be protected and get a sufficient number of bare soil around the trunk of the tree, keeping moisture retention in the soil for root system using groundcovers. outdoor wall landscaping design green

design Dubai UAE wadi park


     4 STEP. Scenario. Create a scenario, a mood of the landscape, a character, create a story. On the picture you can see a bright example of how to change by simple lines directions the whole overall look. Same walkway - different impression! Left side of image is emotionally discolored landscape, right side of image has a story - dry wadi, path leading through it, characteristic plants for this area, dynamic guides while it has soft natural lines. 

    5 STEP. Vertical composition.When you do 2D design on paper or computer, remember - we are living in 3D! That's why we need to provide vertical composition, eye-catching objects while you are walking. In example of Botanical Garden in Arabian Ranches (where the Old Entrance had been), we used leveling by terraces, because they are common for Gulf region in the oases, they give garden feeling, strengthen the focus on different types of plants and gives geoplastic. Trees are grouped by type, vertical composition gain using plants of different heights, shapes and colors.



paving natural stone park Dubai     6 STEP. Floor finishing. Instead of ragged edges of concrete base it is better to use a well-compacted agregate or sand sub-base with concrete edges only. Use natural shades of stone, harmoniously matching with other elements of landscape design. 

     7 STEP. Comfort. Whatever you design, keep in mind human comfort factor - provide enough of natural shade or shade sails structures, if you have many umbrellish trees try to design walkway beside it as well as follow sunrays direction during hottest hours; durable sitting outdoor furniture or any other ideas for seating will work outdoor, place in the shaded areas; once you achieve minimal comfort - present spectacular views around it, try to open visitors eyes to beautiful composition of plants or highlight uniquness of the place. Don't forget to suggest proper night lighting next to walkways and benches.


landscape design green park Dubai

rocks desert park wadi design     8 STEP. Feature elements. Seems it's not important but you know details are everything! Most common mistake across most of the communities araes in Dubai that feature rocks/ hills/ flower beds are at a disadvantage viewing points, more than - they all belong to unseen or unused corners, or just look like a pile of hidden things! These only exacerbates the situation in the parks for community rest - in the rubble of rocks might live scorpions and snakes. As an example by this project we would like to pay attention - choose the right place to rubble - they create a geo-plastic land, protect and favorably emphasize tree trunks. Rocks should be gathered in a small groups - from 2..3 pieces up to 5, but not more. If you have water feature in you design - place it on the visible spot that everyone can enjoy the view and sound.


     When you'll follow these simple tricks, sure, you will get HARMONIOUS and BALANCED landscaped area.


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