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dubai desert flowers soil beautiful      How to turn NATIVE SANDS into PERFECT GROWING MEDIUM?

      Three components which keep soil condition ideal for growing are: water, air, soil pH. Without one of them you will definitely have issues.

      To improve soil effectively you shall follow next:

    • Save water by reducing irrigation. HOW? - Increase soil's water reservoir.
    • Increase water infiltration and airspase. HOW? - Eliminate water surface ponding and runoff, increase airspace which is required for deep, healthy roots.
    • Permanently modify soil. HOW? - By adding permanent water-holding and air-providing amendment.

      Soil structure is important and plays a huge role in landscaping success or failure. Unfortunately, around existing sites most of the soil do not have balanced structure and pore space.

      WHERE and HOW you can use improved soil medium by permanently improve existing garden and landscape soil:

1. Modify backfill for tree and large shrub planting.

2. Small container applications.

3. Landscape beds and large containers.

4. Vegetable gardens.

5. Rooftop gardens.

6. Lawns and turfs.

7. Hanging baskets.

      What will you get by using a perfect soil - larger plants, more flowers, larger blooms, reduced plant stress.

      By analysis the ideal soil must have a good balance between air and water pore space, and pH in range 6.3 ... 7.3. For Middle East sands the best solution to improve soil is:

  • Increase the air pore space (infiltration)
  • Increase water-holding pores.
  • Lower the high pH 

Common soil pH of Dubai sands is 8.1 ... 8.4.

      What we call PERFECT SOIL? - Soil comprised of 50% solid material and 50% pore space, where the air and water pores allow soil to drain properly while maintaining balanced moisture levels. 

      To compare UAE native sands to balanced soil we will see huge gap: air spacing for infiltration and deep rooting - absent, high pH, less of water-holding capacity. 

      You might ask What about potting soil? Well, such soils commonly contain high amount of organics and do not have the water-holding properties of a balanced soil, also organics become hydrophobic and repel water when dry, incresing the need for frequent watering, which is fatal for plant.